How do you make one of the wildest super trucks in the world more extreme? Just slap nearly $30,000 worth of upgrades to it. That is what Forged 4x4 has done with their 2022 RAM 1500 TRX Hellcat. This monster of a pickup truck has been through an extensive upgrading process. Including exterior upgrades, changes to the V8 under the hood as well as mechanical changes to make it more capable off-road.

That has culminated in the truck costing well over $120,000. This makes it one of the most expensive RAM TRXs currently in existence, and it is a truck that you can also win via Forged 4x4. A breakdown by the team gives us an insight into why this truck costs so much money.

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This 2022 RAM 1500 TRX Is Already A Level 2 TRX

Forged 4x4 says that this is a Level 2 TRX. This is an optional extra of $10,295 from RAM which takes the truck to a full, top-spec luxury level. Features include heated seats, the 19-speaker Harman Kardon sound system, and blind-spot and rear cross-traffic monitoring. The tow package also comes as part of the upgrade. Including the very useful long tow mirrors to enable you to see around whatever it is you are towing.

The Level 2 package also adds in a heated steering wheel, ventilated rear seats plus power 8-way driver and passenger seats. The package also adds in trailer brake control, a useful feature for those that utilize the tow package, and a remote tailgate release to make it a little easier to load and unload. There are even more upgrades as part of the package, but all-in Forged 4x4 says that this truck cost them $98,965 to buy. Under the hood, you also get a powerful, 704 hp Hellcat Hemi V8 engine. Yet they have squeezed more power out of that engine.

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New Intake And Exhaust Help The Hellcat V8 Make More Power

Upgrades to the engine within the RAM TRX are kept to a minimum, but they have a big impact. The Forged 4x4 team has added S&B cold air intakes to the engine, with an AWE exhaust helping to push the engine to 740 hp. An increase of 36 hp over the standard engine. The cold air intakes help introduce a higher volume of cold air into the combustion process of the engine. This means it can burn the fuel more completely, and results in that higher horsepower.

The AWE exhaust should help to add at least 10-12 hp to the RAM TRX, thanks to the improved efficiency that the performance-based system will add. The best part of the AWE system though is that it should enhance the sound on the TRX. A big reason why many people purchase their exhausts in the first place. In terms of the cost of those, the intake and exhaust are polar opposites of the scale. The intake cost just $699 but the exhaust added another $2,095 to the overall build cost of the pickup truck.

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Bilstein Blackhawk Makes The RAM TRX A Beast Off-Road

The power upgrades are impressive but Forged 4x4 has done some work on the suspension of the pickup as well. As standard, the RAMT RX features Blackhawk e2 suspension courtesy of Bilstein. An incredibly adaptable suspension kit that allows it to work on paved roads as well as off-road paths. Selecting one of the driving modes inside the TRX will allow the suspension to adjust itself to various scenarios. Street mode is for daily driving, while Sport is on-road performance and Baja is for those going for extreme off-road driving.

The suspension will then control the approach angle, ie how steep the truck is lifting at the front. This is to help it achieve optimal control over the terrain it is traversing. Commands are then sent to the shock absorbers on the truck and to each of the eight valves to allow for independent control of both the compression and rebound forces. This is very clever stuff but Forged 4x4 decided to add a little bit more spring to the truck. So it can handle the new 37-inch Cooper Rigged Trek MT tires that they added to the build.

The team added the Gieser TRX Spring Kit to the TRX, adding $1,299 to the build while the tires added another $2,075 to that. The Gieser spring kit raises the truck by three inches at the front and rear. Creating an even more versatile approach and departure angle for the TRX. The tires also complement the lifting that the springs have done. Although raising the ride height makes it even trickier to climb into the truck. So OEM Side Steps are now added for $1,199 to make it easier to get into and out of the RAM after all of these extensive off-road modifications.

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The RAM TRX’s Appearance Is Enhanced With Off-Road Bumpers

The RAM TRX 1500 is already an aggressive-looking vehicle. But Forged 4x4 has made the pickup truck even more extreme with the addition of the new ADD Off-road Bomber Bumper to the front, costing a whopping $2,699. The new bumper creates more clearance underneath the vehicle. Attached to the bumper are the Baja Designs LP6’s lights, costing $1,475 and enhancing the appearance of the RAM TRX even further. These bright lights will provide better lighting during night running.

The back of the truck has had some cosmetic changes too, led by the ADD Stealth Series Rear Bumper which costs $1,613. The big AWE exhausts are on full view below the bumper while completing the changes at the rear is the Mopar Flip Tonneau Cover, costing $1,140. It's an easy-to-flip-up cover to protect everything in the bed, but it is an expensive item. Cycling back to the wheels, these boost the external appearance of the truck, creating a jacked-up stance together with the new springs. The TRX has become much sturdier in its appearance.

If those upgrades weren’t enough, there are yet more on the truck. But you can also win the truck via Forged 4x4, meaning you could have one of the most expensive RAM TRXs on the planet as part of your collection.

Forged 4x4 RAM TRX Upgrade Costs $127,799

With every upgrade applied, the grand total of the truck comes in at $122,449. Labor costs for the pickup truck come in at $5,350 meaning all-in this leviathan costs $127,799. That is a jump of just under $30,000 from the starting price of this Level 2 RAM TRX 1500. The improvements though are impressive. With more power, enhanced off-road performance, and those extra lights dramatically altering how this truck looks and behaves.

Source: Forged 4x4

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