After months of speculation and rumors, Lamborghini has finally taken the covers off the Aventador’s replacement. Enter the Revuelto, the first car in the future of Lamborghini. This V12 powered hybrid may feature electric power, but this car is about insanity and not efficiency. Here we have a Lamborghini as crazy as they come and with the looks to match too. With over 1,000 hp and over 200 mph top speed, the Revuelto is the perfect successor to the Aventador.

The car is also a big step for Lamborghini. Every supercar it produces from now on will feature some form of electrical power. And it brings us that bit closer to a first, fully-electric Lamborghini supercar. The Revuelto is the beginning of Lamborghini’s future.

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The Revuelto Is All About V12 Lamborghini Power

While electric power is at the heart of the Revuelto, Lamborghini V12 power is still the core ingredient. Under the hood of the supercar is a V12 of 6.5-liters and it packs in a combined 1,001 hp thanks to three electric motors. The V12 engine itself packs in around 814 hp, with the rest made up by those electric motors. This means those motors pack in 187 hp in total to reach the 1,001 hp figure. The 814 hp from the engine comes at 9,250 rpm and the V12 delivers 525 lb-ft of torque. The V12 is more powerful than the Aventador’s, and revs up to 1,000 rpm higher.

That power comes with big speed numbers. 0-62 mph comes in just 2.5 seconds, and 124 mph is then reached in less than seven seconds. The top speed for the Revuelto is an eye-watering 217 mph. Should you want to keep things calmer around town, then the Revuelto allows you to cruise for around six miles on electrical power only. Showing that Lamborghini can make a hybrid, they just want most of the good stuff to come from the V12 engine. But this car is about more than just roar speed.

A New V12 Lowers The Revuelto Powertrains Weight

Thanks to a new V12 engine, the Revueltos powertrain now weighs a little bit less. The engine itself is now turned 180 degrees compared to the Aventador, to accommodate that new transmission. This is an eight-speed dual-clutch affair. The engine itself weighs in at 217 kg or 478 lbs. It is 17 kg or around 37 lbs lighter than the unit from The Aventador. The transmission itself is also much faster when it comes to shifting through the gears. A marked improvement over the previous transmission derived from the Huracan.

The Revuelto itself will weigh in at around the 1,780 kg mark or roughly 3,924 lbs which puts it at around 550 lbs heavier than its predecessor. That is natural with the addition of the three electric motors inside the supercar. The Revuelto is hardly light, but it certainly still has the performance. Something else that is also impressive about this new supercar is the sheer number of drive modes. Lamborghini teased this recently, but now we have even more information on those new modes.

The Revuelto Features More Than 10 Drive Modes

Remarkably, this latest Lamborghini supercar features more than 10 drive modes with 13 in total. There are three main modes, which are Recharge, Hybrid and Performance mode. Each of these modes then can get paired up with Citta, Strada, Sport and Corsa modes. This results in a spectacular array of 13 modes for you to select from. Citta, standing for City, is your standard mode while Corsa is the most extreme mode available. The amount of modes is frankly insane, and a little baffling. But it wouldn’t be a Lamborghini without some insanity.

Lamborghini also says that the Revuelto is some 61 percent more efficient than the Aventador Ultimae. Plus, it can generate 66 percent more downforce in high-load situations. Showcasing the work that has gone into the supercars aerodynamics. The custom Bridgestone Potenza Sport tires will go through their paces with such huge aerodynamic loads.

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The Revuelto Sports A Typical Lamborghini Interior

As recently revealed, the Revuelto sports an interior befitting of a Lamborghini. A 12.3-inch digital display sits in front of the driver. While there is an 8.4-inch portrait screen in the middle of the interior. The passenger getting a 9.1-inch screen for their own enjoyment. It's as flashy and cool as you would expect from a Lamborghini, with the fighter jet style engine start button returning. This Lamborghini is absolutely a hybrid by definition. But the reality is that it is just as insane as the Aventador in which it is replacing. Showing that in the electric era, there is life yet in the traditional Lamborghini.

Source: Lamborghini

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