Despite the futuristic look of the classic DeLorean DMC-12, the original V6 PRV engine doesn’t quite live up to the expectations of what should power an iconic car that plays a role as a time machine in the popular cult classic film, Back to the Future. Electrogenic, a company known for converting classic cars to 100-percent all-electric power, has a solution.

Electrogenic’s latest development, a “drop-in” EV kit designed specifically for the DeLorean, is touted as a “plug-and-play” way to convert the cyberpunk-looking movie star from its original naturally-aspirated state to electric power. Plus, get this: the conversion adds around 80 horsepower and 76 pound-feet of torque when compared to the stock engine, plus it includes launch control.

“Since founding Electrogenic in 2018, we’ve seen a great deal of interest from around the world in the prospect of a DeLorean EV conversion. With its sci-fi design—still jaw-dropping over 40 years on—and underwhelming engine, it really is the perfect candidate for conversion to electric drive,” said Steve Drummond, Electrogenic CEO.

Fed by 43 kWh worth of batteries that are mounted in the area above the rear-mounted motor and in the front luggage compartment, the electric motor sends up to 215 horsepower and 229 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels. A fixed ratio gearbox and transaxle, both included in the kit, are designed to work with automatic or manual transmission models. The conversion adds approximately 88 pounds to the DeLorean’s curb weight. Although that number is fairly minimal, Electrogenic also includes regenerative braking in its kit.

Converting a DeLorean to electric power with Electrogenic’s kit drastically drops the car’s zero to 60 mile-per-hour time to under five seconds. For reference, the factory V6-powered DeLorean took 10 seconds. The stellar performance improvement is certainly boosted by the added launch control, and we assume this number was achieved by using one of the selectable drive profiles available, most likely “Sport” mode for maximum performance.

So how far will an EV-swapped DeLorean go on one charge? Electrogenic estimates that it will go just over 150 miles, and recharging will take around an hour via a CCS cable.

The electric system also has vehicle-to-load (V2L) capability, which allows it to power various appliances or recharge other cars.

“When John DeLorean set out to make the DMC-12 over forty years ago, he was determined to create a sports car that was sustainable and would stand the test of time,” Drummond said. “An EV conversion therefore makes total sense and feels in keeping with the ethos of the original project.”

Electrogenic designed the kit to be installed by a network of company-approved shops, but the company does claim it should be simple enough for most experienced shops to complete the conversion. The $82,000 starting price does not include installation.

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