2023 Lexus GX makes do with small changes

The Average New Car Price Hit $48,182 in July, A New All-Time Record

Does anyone else remember when $50,000 could get you a pretty luxurious new car? According to Kelley Blue Book, those days are long over: In July, the average new car sold in the U.S. cost $48,182 here in America, beating out the previous record, which was only set in June.

7 Hot Aftermarket Wheels to Buy Now

A starting point for contemporary and classic wheel styles from trusted manufacturers.

The 2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport Is Somewhere in This Photo

Zoom in and you can barely make out a camo'd prototype of Honda's new three-row SUV.

Potential Manhattan Congestion Toll Prices Revealed

Fifteen years ago, then-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced long-term environmental sustainability goals for the city through 2030, as well as an ambitious slate of proposals to meet those goals. The most controversial proposal was introducing vehicle congestion pricing to a portion of Manhattan. Despite being approved by the municipal legislature, the Democratic members of the New York State Assembly refused to vote on the proposal....

Land Rover Defender V8 Top Speed Run Sets Autobahn Ablaze

It's time to see the supercharged V8 being put to work on unrestricted roads.

10 Cheapest Convertibles of 2022

Pebble Beach Concours Best of Show Winners — A Look Back

Pebble Beach Best of Show winners since 2009 The post Pebble Beach Concours Best of Show Winners — A Look Back appeared first on

Ford Raises Lightning Price and Restarts Orders

Ford's electric truck sees new features... and a new base price.

Buick, GMC Now Require $1,500 OnStar Subscription On New Vehicles

It's technically listed as an option, but the cost is added to the MSRP and it can't be removed.

2022 pickup truck towing guide

With Chevrolet releasing details of the electric 2024 Silverado EV, we look at which pickups can tow the biggest trailers.

The 2022 Subaru BRZ Skips the Sophomore Slump

The Subaru BRZ sticks with a winning formula and doesn't disappoint.

Ralph Nader Calls For Tesla Autopilot to Be Recalled

"Tesla never should have put this technology in its vehicles," Nader said.

Deal Alert: Save Nearly 50% On These Camper Wheel Chocks

Stabilize your camper or trailer with this set of X-Chocks, now listed on Amazon at a $40 discount.

Soak Up the Sun: Hot Convertibles of 2022

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Carlos Ghosn's Guitar-Case Escape From Japan Was a Comedy of Errors

The bonkers story of Carlos Ghosn’s escape from Japan has been an unending series of delights: The man who once brought Renault and Nissan together, the guy who seemed to stand at the very top of the auto industry, reduced to sneaking out of Japan hidden inside an instrument case. Now, an excerpt from a just-published book about Ghosn’s life and career sheds new light on the details of his ridiculous escape. Long story short, it was a debacle —...

Porsche Taycan Turbo S Beats Tesla Model S Plaid's Nürburgring Record

The record-setting Taycan was fitted with a newly available performance kit.

La Carrera Panamericana Is the Experience of a Racing Lifetime

The great Mexican road race once ran the entire length of the country and featured the world’s best cars and drivers.

Toys of Summer: Hot Rods at 2022 Pacific Northwest Nationals

Hot rod and custom car competition at annual Pacific Northwest show. The post Toys of Summer: Hot Rods at 2022 Pacific Northwest Nationals appeared first on

2022 BMW K 1600 Is the Super Cruiser that Thinks It’s a Sport Bike

Never has something so big and so comfortable handled so well.

10 of the Worst Cars Ever Made

Don't Work on Your Car Without Hand Cleaner

Even if you use gloves, you’ll be glad to have a cleaning solution by your side.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SUV Recalled to Prevent Engine Damage

A software error could cause a stall while the car is moving and permanently damage the engineBy Keith BarryIf you drive a 2019 through 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SUV, you should check to se...

38 of the most extreme modified cars

From Alpina to Singer, we round up some of the fastest, most exciting creations from the best car tuning companies.

GM Confirms It's Making $1500 Option Mandatory on Some New Models

Customers are getting charged for three years of OnStar and other services whether they use them or not.

Beware Direct-Injection Engine Cleaning if You Have Nut Allergies

How I learned what walnut blasting is, the hard way.

Updated Lamborghini Urus Sets New Pikes Peak Record

It beat the Bentley Bentayga's record by 17 seconds.

Bring your bicycle wherever you go with the top bike racks for cars

It can be tough getting your bicycle ready for the road trip ahead, but it doesn’t have to be with one of the top-rated bike racks for cars. If you’re planning a cycling road trip, you have to find a way to bring your bicycle with you. Carrying one bike, let alone two or three, isn’t all that easy due to their weight and bulky structures. You can’t...

Bentley's Coachbuilt Mulliner Batur to Be Revealed before Pebble Beach Concours

The ultra-luxury show car is said to preview the 103-year-old marque's new styling direction as it moves forward with plans to electrify its lineup.

Popular American cars that were export flops

What works over there doesn’t necessarily sell over here. Here are the American market stars that failed to earn their stripes in Europe

The Most Discounted New Cars Right Now

These models are selling below their sticker price, according to CR's exclusive analysis of car deals2022 Jeep Gladiator RubiconBy Jeff S. Bartlett and Todd YoungDiscounts on cars are becoming as...

EV Range: Everything You Need to Know

We explain EPA ratings, factors that affect range, how EVs have performed in our testing, and why it's all very complicated.

Pebble Beach Motoring Classic — Ultimate Collector Car Road Trip

Pebble Beach Motoring Classic Departs for the Concours. The post Pebble Beach Motoring Classic — Ultimate Collector Car Road Trip appeared first on

Please Don't Put Your Car Keys in the Microwave to Stop Hackers and Thieves

Car theft has gone high-tech recently. Hackers and thieves have found ways to intercept signals between car keys, or fobs, and modern security systems to break into cars and steal them. Owners can take precautionary steps, like putting fobs in Faraday pouches to stop “tech-savvy” thieves, as the Guardian reports. But precaution can turn to paranoia, and a sign of that happening is when the microwave looks like a hacker-proof safe instead of an...

Keep your garage warm and cozy with the leading garage heaters

Looking for a way to keep your garage cozy in the winter without breaking the bank? Check out the top-rated garage heaters down below! Whether you use your garage to park your car, as a workshop, or just for storage, keeping it warm and comfortable in the chilly season can be an uphill task. Many home heating systems don’t extend to garages, and ma...

No Grid? No Problem. Bowlus Volterra EV RV Lets You Live Off-Grid 'Indefinitely'

Bowlus's all-new electric RV trailer, the Volterra, comes with satellite internet and solar panels to recharge the battery so you never need to go back to that pesky house of yours.

Watch This 807-HP Hellcat-Swapped Viper Melt Its Tires on the Drag Strip

This seems awesome, but we're not sure how we feel about a Viper without a V-10.

Ford Increases Base F-150 Lightning Range, Raises Price Across the Board

As the automaker reopens reservations on the F-150 Lightning, new customers can expect to pay between $6,000 and $8,500 more for the electric pickup.

Bentley's "Friendly Takeover" Of Monterey Will Include 103 Cars

The star of the show is, of course, the new Bentley Batur.

Genesis Announces Partnership With Vogue, Fashion Label Monse

It's also the celebration of the 2023 G90's first customer deliveries.

Lamborghini Urus Breaks SUV Record at Pikes Peak

The Urus climbed the mountain in 10:32.064, beating the previous production-SUV record by nearly 18 seconds.

How to Save Money as Consumer Prices Keep Rising

Inflation jumped 8.5 percent in July, making cost-cutting more important than everBy Penelope WangWith additional reporting by Octavio BlancoConsumers are still being hammered by rising prices, a...

2023 Nissan Titan Base Price Goes Up Slightly, Starts At $41,495

There's a new Midnight Edition package that adds black trim for a sportier look.

Worst Deals on New Cars Right Now

Some models are so hard to come by that consumers are paying well above the sticker price for themBy Jeff S. Bartlettwith Todd YoungIf you have your heart set on buying a new car this year, be pr...

How Hot Wheels Engineers Make Small Versions of Our Favorite Cars

In theory, making a toy version of a car sounds pretty simple. You’d just shrink the dimensions and voila, right? Well, after checking out the Hot Wheels design center, Popular Science has an answer: making those tiny vehicles is a lot more complex than you would think.

15 cars that doomed the company

From the AMC Pacer to the Pontiac Aztek, we list 15 cars that played a part in the catastrophic downfall of their makers

Will Nissan Bring the Xterra Back?

2024 Hyundai Ioniq 6 Prototype First Drive Review: Replicating Success

A brief drive in the electric Ioniq 6 gives us a lot to look forward to.

Watch a single-engine plane crash-land on 91 Freeway in California

Bring your car into the future with the most advanced remote car starters

Starting your car has never been easier than with a great remote car starter. Check out everything you’ll need to know about remote car starters. Imagine waking up late for work on a cold winter morning only to discover that your car doors are jammed shut due to last night’s snowfall. This can be frustrating and a huge inconvenience, but it doesn’t...