Would you be surprised to know America still makes luxury cars? Many luxury car buyers skip over brands like Cadillac and Lincoln for German brands like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. Though there are plenty of British luxury cars no one wants to be associated with, homegrown efforts from Detroit aren't doing much better than the British.

Thanks to Car Edge we have a list of luxury makes and models and what it will cost to maintain them over a 10-year span. So, if you're in the market for a new luxury car or scouting for your next used car, here are 10 American luxury cars that'll bankrupt you through maintenance and repair.

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Lincoln MKZ - Costs $8,378 Over 10 Years

Car Edge reports that the Lincoln MKZ will cost owners $8,378 over 10 years. Though not nearly the worst car on this list, a $8,378 repair bill over 10 years is nothing to write home about.

CarParts.com reports common issues like automatic transmission failure, power steering leaks, and poor quality dash and trim pieces. We'd advise buyers to steer clear. No successful businessman would dare drive a MKZ. We'd recommend the venerable Lexus LS500 for anyone looking for a reliable high-horsepower sedan instead.

Cadillac CT4 - Costs $9,161 Over 10 Years

We love the Cadillac CT4's killer looks and performance oriented engineering, but reliability issues and a host of recalls ruins the deal for us. Car Edge states that CT4 owners will pay $9,161 over 10 years of ownership on maintenance and repair bills.

GM has put out two safety recalls for the 2022 model CT4 according to KBB, with exterior lightning issues and airbag failures. It's a shame that Cadillac, the builder of some of the greatest American luxury cars to ever be made has found their way on this list. We'd recommend the Lexus G350 for anyone looking for a midsize luxury car, which scored 4/5 stars with Repair Pal.

Cadillac CT5 - Costs $9,221 Over 10 Years

The Cadillac CT5 is Cadillac's successor to the cult-classic CTS. The CT5 sports the powerful and reliable supercharged 6.2L LS V8. A good power plant wasn't enough to save the CT5 from a host of electrical issues, according to Lemberg Law.

Car Edge estimates the CT5 will cost $9,221 after just 10 years of ownership. A supercharged V8 might be appealing, but we wouldn't touch this Cadillac with a ten-foot pole. The CT5 happens to be the most unreliable coupe or sedan on this list.

Cadillac XT5 - Costs $9,329 Over 10 Years

Built on GM's C1XX platform, which hosts reliable GM mainstays like the GMC Acadia and Chevrolet Trailblazer. Unfortunately, the XT5 hasn't quite hit its stride. Car Edge estimates it'll cost owners $9,329 to upkeep their XT5 for the next 10 years.

The NHTSA shows 5 active recalls on the XT5, including key safety features like surround vision and airbag issues. The NHTSA also reports issues with the powertrain and build quality…yikes.

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Lincoln Corsair - Costs $11,121 Over 10 Years

Lincoln's replacement for the long-running MKC didn't find the same reliability as its well-liked predecessor. Car Edge estimates and data indicate owners will have to spend $11,121 to keep their cars running over a 10-year period.

Lemberg Law reports a slew of problems, mostly with the electrical system. Owners were also critical of poor visibility and low safety ratings from the NHTSA.

Lincoln Nautilus - Costs $11,326 Over 10 Years

Lincoln's midsize SUV will cost owners $11,326 for the next 10 years of ownership; it makes us miss Pre-2000s luxury cars that will run forever. For the same price, you could buy a vintage luxury car that'll outlast any Lincoln Nautilus.

Lemberg Law and NHTSA reports of electrical issues, and transmission slippage before even hitting 5,000 miles. We'd run from this Lincoln, given it wouldn't be much of a run considering the reliability issues.

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Lincoln Aviator - Costs $11,691 Over 10 Years

The Lincoln Aviator is built on the same chassis as the Ford Explorer, Ford's current offering to the police market. The same ruggedness and reliability found in the Ford Explorer cannot be found in the Lincoln Aviator. The Aviator will cost owners $11,691 over 10 years.

Lemberg Laws reports problems with the airbags and, by no surprise, the electrical system. If you're in the market for a dependable midsize SUV, steer clear of the Aviator.

Cadillac XT4 - Costs $12,018 Over 10 Years

The first car to break the $12,000 mark is the compact Cadillac XT4, though this isn't anything Cadillac should be proud of. Car Edge estimates the XT4 to cost owners $12,018 within a decade.

Consumer Reports documents a NHTSA issued recall for faulty seat rails, that could allow the driver to sustain serious injury if in an accident. GM has also issued recalls for the automatic transmission and seat belts according to Auto Safety.

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Lincoln Navigator - Costs $12,111 Over 10 Years

Just beating out the XT4 in the second place spot is the full-sized Lincoln Navigator. Car Edge predicts the Navigator will drain $12,111 out of its owners wallets over the next decade. Bidding on an abandoned museum of classic muscle and luxury cars then investing in a Lincoln Navigator.

According to Consumer Reports the Navigator has 2 active recalls from the NHTSA, citing problems with the electrical system (seems to be a theme for Lincoln) and exterior lighting. If it were up to us, we'd go with the Lexus RX450h, which Repair Pal considers the most reliable luxury SUV on the market today.

Cadillac Escalade ESV - Costs $12,938 Over 10 Years

Almost breaking the $13,000 mark is the Cadillac Escalade ESV. Car Edge reports that an Escalade owner can expect to spend $12,938 over the next 10 years to keep their Cadillac running.

MyLemon.Com reports common issues like airbag failures, and cruise control malfunctions. The NHTSA also reports 9 (yes, you read that right) ongoing investigations into safety and reliability issues.

If you haven't noticed, we've been suggesting several Lexus models as alternatives, and with good reason. KBB and Consumer Reports consider Lexus to be the most reliable luxury car manufacturer today. KBB also considered Lincoln to be the least reliable, no surprise given how many times they found their way on this list.

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