The Audi RS6 Avant and RS7 Sportback are getting a new "Performance" trims, bringing a hefty dose of extra power and some driving tweaks to the V-8 wagon and liftback. With a 30-hp boost over the standard models, the RS6 and RS7 Performance will each make 621 hp, the company announced Monday.

Torque also improves, from 590 lb-ft to 627 lb-ft, though it's hard to argue that either car needed more. The Audis are already blindingly quick, but bragging rights must be maintained. So while Audi claimed a (conservative) 3.6-second 0-62 sprint for both cars before, the performance models get the job done in 3.4 seconds. We expect both will be quicker than their claimed figures.

The changes aren't all about straight-line speed. There's less sound deadening, contributing to a louder in-cabin exhaust note and a 17-pound lighter curb weight. Performance models also get a new version of its "self-locking" center differential, which Audi says is lighter, more compact, and provides "noticeably more precise cornering." We'll have to test that out for ourselves. Torque split is still 40:60 front:rear in normal driving, but up to 85 percent of the car's power can go to the rear wheels if slip is detected.

An eight-speed automatic remains the only transmission option. The RS Dynamic package, which includes all-wheel steering, a Quattro sport differential on the rear axle, and a higher, 180-mph top speed, comes standard. The available RS Dynamic Plus package raises the speed limiter to 189 mph and includes carbon-ceramic brakes to bring you back down to 0.

Visually, Performance models get unique 21-inch wheels with 273/35 tires standard, but unique lightweight 22-inch wheels with 285/30 Continental SportContact 7 tires are an option. Two new colors—Ascari Blue and matte Dew Silver—are available for Performance models, and matte gray RS mirrors, spoilers, side skirts, roof rails, and trim that hint they mean business. As options, you can have the roof rails, door trim, and badges in black. The interior gets blue accents.

The RS6 and RS7 Performance go on sale in Europe on December 8 for 135,000 Euros. U.S pricing has not been announced, but considering that the standard RS6 costs 128,000 Euros in Germany, expect a roughly $7000 premium over the $120,590 base price of a 2023 RS6 Avant.

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