Ford Pro has launched the E-Transit Custom Van with a new home charging system for EVs that is specifically aimed at supporting small and medium enterprises in increasing their productivity while saving them money and benefiting the environment, as reported by CleanTechnica.

Ford Pro's new EV charging system offers not only a home charger and installation, but also comprehensive training, management software, charge scheduling for efficiency, and warranty, as per CleanTechnica. This allows SMEs to reduce the cost of purchasing company vehicles. The Ford Pro system effectively uses technology to integrate EV driving and company management into one.

Ford Pro's new approach is a bold step toward a sustainable future for all.

One of the biggest obstacles to increasing EV fleets is the inaccessibility of EV infrastructure like chargers and range anxiety. However, switching to EVs can save users money and reduce air pollution from the transportation sector.

A study from Pew Research found that "access to public infrastructure is tightly linked with Americans' opinions of electric vehicles themselves" and noted that "Americans who live close to public chargers view EVs more positively than those who are farther away."

When an EV manufacturer like Ford Pro — Europe's leading commercial vehicle brand — begins to prioritize creating systems that include at-home charging, it can go a long way in changing minds about the benefits of EVs.

In Ford's press release about the new E-Transit Custom Van, the company stated "the company is driving forward with bold, new EVs, each one designed with European drivers in mind and innovating with services to help people connect, communities grow, and businesses thrive." This exemplifies Ford's goals to not just make EVs, but to make a world where EV drivers can succeed.

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Ford launches game-changing new service for electric vehicles — and it's a first in the industry first appeared on The Cool Down.

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