Way back in the halcyon days of 2019, Rivian made waves online with a video showing what was then a pre-release R1T executing a "Tank Turn" with its four independent motors. The R1T is now a standout among new EV trucks as a very real product available to real consumers, but it cannot turn in place. Now, we finally know why the feature was cut.

According to CEO RJ Scaringe, the feature was cut as a result of the environmental damage it would leave behind on any loose surface. In a highlight from an Instagram Q&A, Scaringe notes that the damage left behind goes against both the brand's environmental messaging and the general sentiment that being a part of the off-roading community requires respect for the trail itself. Add in the concerns shared with Motor Trend in 2021 about how difficult the turns are for a customer to wrap their heads around at speed and the feature seems unlikely to land in an R1S or R1T any time soon.

While the "Tank Turn" itself clearly worked effectively (and at surprisingly high speeds) in the video, the clip also gives a fairly good idea of how much damage a 7000-lb truck can do to a trail as it spins in place. As the overhead camera angle shows, the R1T effectively becomes a boring device digging a divot into the dirt below. That could seriously damage trails over time by producing new crater-like ruts, which would, obviously, go against the environmental goals behind a go-anywhere electric truck.

While the R1S and R1T may not be able to turn in place at high speeds, they are actually available for purchase. That, at least, puts them well ahead of the Cybertruck they were so often compared against when all three products were revealed in pre-production.

Via Automotive News

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