Before General Motors abandoned the small car segment, the Chevrolet brand offered the Spark, a compact and affordable city car that appealed to first-time buyers and cost-conscious consumers. And now it seems GM is contemplating bringing the Spark nameplate back as a small electric crossover of sorts.

A new trademark uncovered by CarBuzz suggests a Chevrolet Spark EUV is in the pipeline. Strangely filed in Laos (Lao People's Democratic Republic), the trademark doesn't tell us anything besides the model name. Filed under category 12 (for motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles), we're relatively confident the name will be used for a new electric car, as the EUV suffix was previously used on the crossover variant of the popular but now discontinued Chevrolet Bolt EUV.

Trademark filings do not guarantee the use of a name in future vehicles and are often used exclusively as a means of protecting intellectual property and naming trends. Such a filing cannot be construed as confirmation of production intent.

Spark EUV Suggests The Bolt May Get A Baby Brother

Aside from the name, there's not much else to go by. But the 'Spark EUV' trademark tells us a lot. The Spark name suggests that the newcomer will be an entry-level car with a wallet-friendly MSRP. Discontinued in 2022, the Spark had a starting price of around $15,000, which was excellent value for money. These days, very few new cars are available for less than $20,000.

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However, American consumers have fallen out of love with small cars, so why would GM attempt to reenter this segment? That's where the EUV (Electric Utility Vehicle) part comes in. First seen on the Bolt EUV, this suggests the revived Spark will arrive as a faux crossover with increased ground clearance and chunkier styling. This would appeal to a wider range of customers and rival affordable, ICE-powered crossovers like the Hyundai Venue.

Spark EUV Could Be The Affordable EV We Need

While some might think this trademark insinuates that the Spark EUV will replace the Bolt EV, we believe the opposite to be true. The Bolt EV was America's most affordable EV before production ended last year - just as the Bolt had its best-ever sales year. But Chevrolet has already confirmed the Bolt will return based on the Ultium platform, with GM CEO Mary Barra confirming it will deliver "better driving, charging, and ownership experience with a vehicle we know customers love."

However, Barra also said it would "leverage the best attributes of today's Bolt EUV," suggesting the next-gen Bolt will be a slightly larger crossover, paving the way for an even smaller EV like the Spark EUV. If Chevrolet can get the pricing right, the Spark EUV could be the electric car that offers Americans a truly affordable EV alternative.

2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Undercuts Rivals On Price, Beats Them On Range

The Chevy compact crossover EV arrives later this year with a $27,495 price including the EV tax credit.

That, of course, depends on when the Spark EUV comes to market. Cross-town rivals Ford and Jeep are preparing affordable electric cars, with both brands planning to introduce their cars in the coming years. Both brands hope to introduce their EVs by 2027, with Jeep aiming for a $25,000 starting price. As for the drivetrain, we expect the Spark EUV to adopt a front axle-mounted electric motor that produces around 200 horsepower. With Ultium technology, a range of around 250 miles - anything more would step on the toes of the Equinox EV, which may cannibalize sales. Of course, this is just a trademark, and nothing has been confirmed.

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