Earlier this month, Georgia offensive lineman Devin Willock and recruiting staff member Chandler LeCroy were killed in a car accident in Athens. 

This fatal car accident occurred on Jan. 15, just hours after the Bulldogs' championship parade. 

On Saturday, the University of Georgia athletic association provided an update on this tragedy. 

It turns out the SUV involved in this accident was supposed to be used only for recruiting activities. Personal use of this vehicle was "strictly prohibited." 

LeCroy and Willock were not authorized to drive the SUV that Saturday. 

"The car driven in the accident was one of several vehicles leased by our athletic department for use during recruiting activities," the athletic association said. "Policies and expectations that were well understood by athletics staff dictated that such rental vehicles were to be turned in at the immediate conclusion of recruiting duties. Personal use was strictly prohibited. Therefore, the continued use of the leased car by our staff members after their recruiting duties ended earlier that evening was unauthorized."

The police report listed "excessive speed" as one of the primary causes of the crash. 

Our thoughts remain with the Georgia community at this time.

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